Tag Your Bag/ Tag Your Tot


Tag Your Bag

We are asking parade participants and festival attendees to externally TAG YOUR BAG in an effort to lessen the number of lost or unattended belongings and to keep the Festival safe.
Bag identification tags will be available at information booths at both Goodale Park entrances at the Festival, the Stonewall Tent, and also available to parade participants at parade check-in. Make sure the tag is visible on the outside of your bag. These tags will help ensure that if you forget your bag, it will be returned safely and swiftly to you. If you see an unattended bag, please notify the closest volunteer or security officer.

Tag Your Tot

In an effort to keep our children safe, tags will be available to parents to indicate emergency contacts. Please note all emergency contacts and meeting spots on identification tags. Identification tags will be available at information booths at both Goodale Park entrances at the Festival, the Stonewall Tent, and also available to parade participants at parade check-in. Make sure the tag is secured around your child’s wrist or placed in a visible location on their clothing. These labels will help ensure the swift return of your child should you become separated. Help us continue to make Columbus Pride the best weekend of the year!