P.I.T. Crew (Pride in Training Application)

PIT Crew

Join the P.I.T. Crew!

Have you ever been interested in being on the Pride Committee responsible for planning the Pride Festival and Parade?

PIT Crew (Pride in Training)
PIT Crew volunteers participate with the Pride Committee and are mentored by one of the Committee Members. This is a great chance to learn more about what goes into planning Pride and is a really great activity to put on a resume. Must fill out an application and complete an interview. Plan on a weekly time commitment from April through June, including the Pride Festival.

Application Deadline is
Monday, February 24, 2014!

Questions? Contact Liam Gallagher, Volunteer Coordinator
(614) 930-2269

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Vendor Liaison
Assist with check-in and placement of Pride festival vendors. Help ensure that vendors and sponsors festival needs and requests are met.

Pride Coordination
Work closely with Pride Coordinator to implement overall festival logistics, permitting and festival vendor services.

Festival Layout
Assist festival chair in designing and implementing vendor placement and overall festival layout designations.

Assist with stage logistics and artist services.

Family Area
Assist family area coordinator in planning youth activities for the festival and collaborate in their implementation during the festival.

Festival Logistics
Assist with distribution of communication devices and transportation vehicles during the festival. Help oversee Pride festival authorized area.

Volunteer Coordination
Assist with pre-festival communication with Pride volunteers, and additionally, assist with check-in and placement during the festival.

Assist Beverage Chair in logistics and running of Stonewall beverage trucks during the festival.

Marketing and Design
Assist with organization of print/online marketing and day of documentation through photographers, video, writing and social media.

Assist in distribution of food and beverage to Pride volunteers. Help to run and organize the Volunteer Tent.

Assist in the purchase and delivery of Pride supplies.[/intense_content_box]